Corporate Social Responsibility

CC Energy's Corporate Social Responsibility program involves engagement with local communities, government, business partners and other stakeholders. We aim to understand the needs and concerns of the communities in which we work, and to always act with honesty and integrity.

Currently, the biggest impact we can have is at our operating asset in Oman. Our activities there are centered around three core areas:

Schooling & Education

  • Supporting the 12th Rattel Wartaqi (Recite & Elevate) competition
  • Helping build a multipurpose hall at the Imam Salim bin Murshid School
  • Building new classrooms at Al Ghydarana School in Adam

Business & People Development

  • Supporting the 3rd Duqm Society & Economy Forum
  • Supporting Nursing Continuous Professional Development
  • Support Omani Women Association in Adam

Community & Wellness

  • Sponsoring health awareness campaigns
  • Supporting Al Wafa Centre -Department of Social Development in Mahoot
  • Sponsoring health events in North Batinah

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